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A Canine Whodunit

I had seen the first part of this where they all turn and stare at the white dog, but not the second part where he tells on himself.

I grew up with a collie who knew she wasn’t supposed to sleep on the living room couch, but got up there pretty regularly when no one was around. We’d catch her, and all we’d have to do was say her name, and she would slink down like she was trying to hide under the carpet. I never could figure out why she didn’t just get off the couch when she heard the garage door open.

Dogs are so funny!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Life with Jake IV

Last Christmas, my friend Wendy was baking her cookies, with a little unwanted help from Jake.  She kept pushing him away, but every time, he came right back.  While she was working on her cut-out cookies, he was right under foot.  If you’ve ever made cut-outs, you know that you have to put flour or powdered sugar down on the countertop to keep the dough from sticking.  When you put the dough down, sometimes the flour puffs out.  You guessed it!  A big puff of flour hit Jake right in the kisser!  It wasn’t enough to make him move, though.  Wendy says she just can’t wait to see what he does this Christmas!  (BTW – Jake’s face is normally totally black.)

Until next time,

Good day and good dog!