Dog Adoption

When we ran a poll about dog adoptions earlier in the year, the response was overwhelming.  Most of you indicated you had at some time adopted a dog froma shelter.  How’d that work out for you?  Editor Kyla Duffy of Happy Tails Books wants to share your story with the masses.

To raise awareness about puppy mills and to support dog rescue groups, Kyla is publishing breed-specific and region-specific books full of stories about adopted dogs.  Her first book, about Boston Terriers is now available for sale at Happy Tails, as well as on  She is currently working on books about Golden Retrievers, Labs, and Chihuahuas, and would appreciate your help in filling the books with success stories that illustrate the characteristics of these breeds.  Future books will showcase other breeds, so be sure to send your stories about other dogs, as well.

You can contact her by sending an email to:  Kyla(at)  You can also follow her on Twitter by searching for HappyTailsBooks.  Finally, check out her Facebook page called Happy Tails Books Group.

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Good day, and good dog!

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