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Shelter Sunday: Cleveland APL

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From our friends at 19News in Cleveland: The Cleveland Animal Protective League is bursting at the seams after taking in animals from four different hoarding situations over the past month. They have taken in 89 cats and 90 dogs, most recently a herd of Chihuahuas. They are lowering adoption fees and accepting donations. See adoptable dogs.

Please help if you can!

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Wednesday’s Wild, Wacky World of Dog News

You may have seen the television show about hoarding, but lately I’ve been hearing a lot about pet hoarding, too.  (In fact, the name “Dog Lady” came from a running joke we have about a friend who has nine cats – we always said when she died the headline would say something about her being a Cat Lady.)

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Wednesday’s Wild and Wacky World of Dog News: Three Lucky Chihuahuas

You’ve heard the expression, “living the life of Riley”?  I don’t know who Riley is, but I’m thinking I would rather be living the life of Conchita, Lucia, and April Marie.  As the four-legged children of Gail Posner, they got used to living in a luxurious $8.3 million mansion on Sunset Island near Miami. 

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Flying Chihuahuas????

Photo credit:  projectflyingchihuahuas.com
Photo credit: projectflyingchihuahuas.com

We posted a few weeks ago about the good work Katherine Heigl did in providing funding for a project to transport Chihuahuas from a California shelter to Nahua for adoption.  (See the original post here.)  Chihuahuas have recently surged as a status symbol in southern California, but many of the dogs are ending up in shelters when they don’t meet their owners’ expectations.

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