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Shelter Sunday: Cleveland APL

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From our friends at 19News in Cleveland: The Cleveland Animal Protective League is bursting at the seams after taking in animals from four different hoarding situations over the past month. They have taken in 89 cats and 90 dogs, most recently a herd of Chihuahuas. They are lowering adoption fees and accepting donations. See adoptable dogs.

Please help if you can!

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Adoption Fair

My company picnic was at the Cleveland Zoo today.  (And, just in case you were wondering, it is mating season for those huge tortoises, and they are VERY noisy when they do it!) 

When we got to the zoo, the whole area from the parking lot to the gates was filled with tents and tables and DOGS.  It was a really cool adoption fair, featuring animals from local shelters and rescue groups.  Click below to see my pictures.

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