Wednesday’s Wild and Wacky World of Dog News: Three Lucky Chihuahuas

You’ve heard the expression, “living the life of Riley”?  I don’t know who Riley is, but I’m thinking I would rather be living the life of Conchita, Lucia, and April Marie.  As the four-legged children of Gail Posner, they got used to living in a luxurious $8.3 million mansion on Sunset Island near Miami. 

When Posner died last March, she left $1 million to her 2-legger, but $3 million to the dogs (and $27 million to her household staff!).  Of course, the will is being contested, but there appears to be some precedent for Posner’s over-indulgence of the Chihuahuas.  At one point, she hired a publicist for Conchita to promote the dog as the world’s most spoiled.  In 2007, the dog was reported to have a $12,000 summer wardrobe and a $15,000 diamond necklace, although the dog refused to wear it.

I’m thinking $15,000 worth of diamonds around the neck might make a Chihuahua tip over, but I’d be happy to wear it instead!

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wild and Wacky World of Dog News: Three Lucky Chihuahuas”

  1. Yes, I’m for pets to stay as natural as they came into this world. . . that is –
    no Barbie-ing over. One isn’t even sure they appreciate being dolled up – and, put into human terms . . . probably even feel silly!
    What they never get enough of though is . . . lots of love and attention (just like humans)!

  2. We brits are crazy on spoiling our pooches but the worst are the french. I used to breed yorkies in Paris and my clients spent more on their Yorks than their mistresses 😉

  3. I am not at all against lavishing fine things on your pooch. I love to spoil mine, though they have yet to receive any diamonds from me. But can you imagine how many dogs this sort of many could have helped? There is a group called AmazonCares that does amazing things for homeless dogs with very little money. Just 1/10th of this would have helped huindreds and hundreds.

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