Flying Chihuahuas????

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We posted a few weeks ago about the good work Katherine Heigl did in providing funding for a project to transport Chihuahuas from a California shelter to Nahua for adoption.  (See the original post here.)  Chihuahuas have recently surged as a status symbol in southern California, but many of the dogs are ending up in shelters when they don’t meet their owners’ expectations.

So, the California shelters are overrun, and shelters in the Northeastern United States are unable to get enough of the popular pint-sized pets to satisfy demand in their part of the country.  As much as 30% of  California’s shelter population is made up of Chihuahuas, and in the east, there are waiting lists as long as 100 people, wanting to adopt.

The solution?  Several southern California groups have banded together to form Project Flying Chihuahua to replicate Ms. Heigl’s work.  The second flight of dogs (also financed by Heigl’s foundation) will travel from LA to New Hampshire today or tomorrow.  Dogs will travel from San Francisco to New York City on Tuesday, courtesy of Virgin America Airlines.

Here’s the whole story from the LA Times.

The project is looking for donations that will allow them to continue their work.  Click here for details.

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3 thoughts on “Flying Chihuahuas????”

  1. Hi, I would love to adopt as well, but I cannot find any information on were to look. Thank you for any info you can send me.

  2. So many articles about the over abundance of chihuahua’s and the Project Flying Chihuahua’s. BUT not one article on how to adopt one of these little darlings. I recently lost my beautiful Isabella, a tiny little chihuahua. I feel enough time has passed that I’m ready to get another. My husband and I both are allergic to dogs, but we adore them. But we did not have problems with the tiny Chihuahua’s. Please if anyone knows where I can adopt one, please let me know.

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