Tuesday’s Top Ten: Reasons Your Dog is Looking Forward to Christmas

Christmas dogOnly 3 shopping days left!  With Christmas just around the corner, here’s our list of why your dog is looking forward to the arrival of Old Saint Nick.

10.  On Christmas morning, my parents will finally put that bacon-scented sock thing down where I can reach it.

9.  My parents will stop shopping and spend more time with moi.

8.  Children will stop bouncing off the walls (at least until the first snow day of the new year.)

7.  I’ll finally be able to sleep at night without patrolling for some idiot trying to break into the house via the chimney.

6.  Next up:  New Years Eve.  (Two words:  spiked Eggnog!)

5.  The kids leave the cookies for Santa on the coffee table – they don’t know I’m the one who eats them.

4.   Reindeer droppings are downright tasty!

3.   The kids at my house will have something to play with besides my tail.

2.  Long car ride over the river and through the woods.

1.  Once the holiday is over, risk of electrocution from peeing on lawn decorations greatly reduced.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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