Moochie & Co.

I came to Columbus, Ohio this weekend to visit a new great-nephew and went shopping at Easton Mall. In addition to eating a delicious CinnaBon, I got a chance to visit Moochie & Co, a store full of dog treats, gourmet foods, accessories, toys and outfits.

In front of the store, the Franklin County Dog Shelter was showing Angel, a 7-year old Beagle mix and Minnie, a Papillon who is deaf. Both are available for adoption, if you’re interested. Their website is here.

When the shelter dogs are there, the employees don’t bring their dogs, but on other days, one of the girls brings in her French Bulldog Ruby.  Trouble is, Ruby likes to leave the store every chance she gets.  Her destination?  The wine shop two doors down.  They must keep cookies there for her.  Sure!  That’s the reason!

If you’re in Columbus, Ohio, stop by Moochie’s.  January 29th, they are having Yappy Hour from 5 – 10 pm.  If you bring your dog with you , you can get 20% off your purchase.

Below are pictures of the two shelter dogs, as well as one of the most important baby at my niece’s house – Lilly the Boston Terrier.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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