Saturday Survey: Who trained your dog?

In one of my posts this week, I referenced Victoria Stillwell from the Animal Planet show It’s Me or the Dog, which got me to thinking about how we accomplish the huge task of dog training.



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Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Who trained your dog?”

  1. I really have not looked to see what the main ingredient is in Eukanuba but I do know some of the Science diet is mainly grain. One of the best foods I have found is Southern States brand food. I did also have a friend suggest that I look into a natural diet for my dog of fresh vegies and meets but I’ll stick with good old Southern States.

  2. Just recently I’ve looked around for a little more knowledge on Eukanuba. Is it really that the main ingredient is made from soya? Obviously there’s other things like chicken/beef included, but it doesn’t to me sound like a healthy start.

  3. Really like your blog. I am a dog trainer and love the time Igetto spend with dogs and most of the owners explaining how to get their dog to respond to them. I have had people whom want to use lease corrections when the dog is freightened or stressed and they just don’t understand how this effects the dog negetively. Positive reinforcement is the only way to go anytime but exspecially in situations where a dog is stressed.

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