4 thoughts on “Oldest Dog”

  1. my maltese shih tzu is only 5, and sometimes i think he is and old man, though when it comes to walkies time he has far more energy than I do…

    22 is amazing age, clearly the spaniel has a great owner to look after him

    thanks for sharing

  2. but if this is your dog why couldn’t you use the real photo? Beautiful picture by the way.
    pray my dog lives that long :)
    His name is Shotzie – he’s a pekingese, Japanese Chin Mix.
    GOD bless you always and your baby,
    Lisa †

    Ps-JESUS loves you both :)

  3. Boarding Kennels: unfortunately, I didn’t have permission to use the photo of the actual dog, so I had to use a stock photo – it’s a close likeness, though.

    Thanks for writing,
    Beth PHilley

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