A New Cruella De Vil

I have to ask again: what is wrong with people?  Did you see the news from Selden, NY late last week?

A 20-year old young man turned in his mother for the animal cruelty she had been inflicting for apparently several years.  Investigators found 6 animals stuffed in filthy cages, and upon further checking, found 20 animal corpses buried in the back yard.

Now, you may remember that I live near Cleveland, and we are dealing here with a man who raped and killed at least 11 young women and buried them in his yard.  That’s bad, but in the NY case, the woman forced her children, aged 18 months to 20 years, to participate in her crimes. (And no, I’m not making comparisons between the two cases – both are horrible.)

Her son described instances where the children would be forced to hold a dog down while she beat the dog and taped his mouth shut with duct tape.  Unbelievable!!!

Read the whole story from the Associated Press.

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7 thoughts on “A New Cruella De Vil”

  1. I know or know of a lady who slams others with pet abuse being breeders who buy around the corner when her youtube videos shows she is the litter buyer. This lady lets call shorkie cruella has never bred a half decent dog in 15 years now she has decent puppies not parents not buying and neither is the public

  2. A legitimate point. And considering psychological damage on the children, it’s no wonder we have people like that man. Imagine being a three year old forced to torture and kill dogs by your mother and lead a normal life after that. And imagine being 20 under that situation. At that age you should be able to say no, so what was she doing to make them do it? Would you be able to live your life normally? No. Imagine the nightmares, haunted by the guilt and torn between doing the right thing and defending the woman who gave you life. It’s an awful situation and their psyche must be scarred, as that man’s clearly is. There was nothing wrong with making the connection. It’s completely prevalent.

  3. To clarify: my point in mentioning the Cleveland crimes was mostly because they have been on my mind lately. I probably didn’t write carefully enough that anyone would know this, but what I was trying to say is not that the CRIMES were more important against the dogs, only that the effect on the woman’s children would be horrendous because of being made to participate in the abuse. The man in Cleveland acted alone, and did not scar any bystanders in the process.

  4. She said she wasn’t comparing them, but she kind of was. The key phrase is, “That’s bad, but in the NY case…” implying the NY case is, in at least one way, worse than the raping and murders. It’s like saying, “I’m not trying to be racist, but black people are kind of stupid.” It just doesn’t work.

  5. yes, this is absolutely horrible. But, I can’t believe you have the audacity to compare it to the raping and death of 11 women.

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