Saturday Survey: Where is your dog’s bathroom?

There’s been so much interest in the indoor potty patch posts, I thought maybe it would be fun to do a poll on the subject.


Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Where is your dog’s bathroom?”

  1. You don’t giveoff-leash dog park as an option – not exactly “a walk.” And they always have bags and waste cans for pick up.

  2. We have neighbors who recently moved in next to us. They have a rottwieler or rottie mix that NEVER goes outside not even to go to the bathroom. Apparently it uses puppy pads to go on but not always. The poor dog!!! I guess they can’t handle the dog enough to take it outside. However, this is a family, dad is on disablity, mom works, 3 daughters in school and they are very,very rarely outside either. Now they keep the curtain to their living room,on our side of the house, closed all the time too! I just feel sorry for the dog but I guess it could have things worse.

  3. My dog will NOT go inside. The only time she went inside in the last like 7 1/2 years was when she almost died from an allergic reaction and was on steroids which can make dogs incontinent and drink too much so I don’t blame her for that. She held it 16 hours one time because we were stuck 100 miles away in a sudden blizzard. She did pee all over the porch the instant we got home to let her out but she didn’t go in the house at all. She’s so good. She will pee in Petsmart though but just to mark her territory like every other dog. But since she lifts her leg to do it the employees just laugh and most will clean it up for me because they think it’s cool. I dunno why.

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