Considering buying a potty patch for your dog? Read this first!

We’ve been getting a lot of hits on our potty patch posts, so I wanted to make sure everyone had access to the most recent news from them.  According to the manufacturer, they are now ready to fulfill all of the orders they previously took.  My question to you, readers:  is this true?  Have you gotten what you ordered? 

They said they had test-marketed advertisements before they actually had the product in stock, so they were unable to send out the product when you ordered it.  However, they expected this to be a short-term problem and thought they’d have everything taken care of by now.  What say you?

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34 thoughts on “Considering buying a potty patch for your dog? Read this first!”

  1. Well we did make the mistake of ordering this piece of garbage – first they sent the wrong size – we ordered a small got a small base with a large fake grass cover – we called to return the whole order – sure send it back was the response – yea send it back at your own expense. I ask to speak to a supervisor – well they don’t have phone extensions – WTF. I can understand the customer being responsible for return shipping if they simply decided to return the product, but in this case the wrong product and at that a mismatched product was shipped. If you make the mistake of ordering this crap – dispute the charge on your card – ASAP. It’s a company that specializes in FRAUDULENT charges not pet products ……. IMHO

  2. Do NOT order this scam. Once they get your credit card number, you have joined a “club” and they will send you pads indefinitely!

  3. i have a dog. i wouldnt like to get one. then he wouldnt learn to go outside.. he might even go on the carpet or the floor.. karyn

  4. I see a trend and have experienced a very similar fate with ordering the Potty Patch. I did so the end of October with the intent of giving it as a Christmas gift. After going back and forth with their customer service I realized the delivery date would change constantly so I canceled in February ( 3 months later ! ) I would not advise anyone to buy this product online. That service is horrible !!!

  5. Thank you for all of the comments- we were about to order, hopwever, with all of the information we have now- we will choose another product. Thank you for saving me the time and hassel. I hope you all finally do receive your products if you stil want them!

  6. I just got a bill for $29.95 for pads I didn’t order. Don’t deal with Potty Patch they are a scam. If they have your credit card number you are in for some trouble. Contact the FTC or the Conneticut better business bureau.

  7. I ordered on Feb. 4th. Today is March 4th. No shipment yet. One month is too long for ANY shipment. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT. I will try to cancel.

  8. I sure sound like every body that does bussiness with these guiys ends up getting the short end of it. Kind of like the peace of astro turf they are selling. Spots all over us all.
    I just got the credit from returning 2 of the 3 potty patch’s they sent me when i only ordered 1.. Am still getting the run around on the $40.00 it cost to return the 2 unwanted potty patches i returned. maybe lucky i got the $159.80 they charged me for the 2 unwanted ones.
    I still never do any kind of bussiness with these guys or any body connected with them. I did turn in a complaint with the BBB and susgest that every body else does too.
    We need some one to do a class action on them.
    Well that it for this week and the Potty Patch I think every body feels like the catch pan. We just keep getting pee’d on and nothing else.
    JTL Federal Way, Washington

  9. OK, here’s my story. Ordered the doggie patch in Dec. of last year, finally I have received a debit in process from my bank for 93.00, for the large size, called these people, they are not doing what they are obviously supposed to do, called my bank, its too late to cancel the debit to my account, I am furious

  10. I also have the dog potty but mine is called the Potty Park. My dogs love it and go on it all winter long.
    It saves the carpet . Maybe you are getting it from the wrong company . There are alot of imposters out there.
    I got mine 2 years ago. ECo Pet solutions, Inc.
    Just like anything else you have to research what you are buying. If you have the right one it does work.
    Just wanted people to know.

  11. I bhave ggod news and bad news for all you waiting for your potty patches’. I sent back 2 that i did not order. I ordered 1 got 3 and 3 times $20.00 each for shipping and handeling. So you might get the 2 i sent back. Plus several more depending on how you tried to close the oreder f,orm after ordering the first one. Now the bad nesw besides having to go thru their compleaceted proccess of returning you most likly will not get back the shipping cost (in my case $41.50) it cost to send the ones you did not order back to them.
    To bad it is a good product but they found out a way to get your money several times plus the HIGH cost of their shipping and handling.
    Just hope you never hear from them again but being it took them 5 months to send mine don’t count on not getting charges lots for as many times as you tried to close their site.

  12. Thank God I found these reviews…I went online after seeing the TV ad, and
    tried to order one…fell for the “free upgrade Microbial” offer, clicked that and
    then never knew after that what charges I had, or what the cost would be!!

    Keep watching my bank account for charges…don’t know if it went through or
    not..have ordered online for years and have never experienced anything like order opportunity to review your order prior to
    approving..I am assuming it never went through as the sight kept refusing to
    close when I tried to exit after I became fearful….

  13. Apparently I did not do my research on this Potty Patch and was taken in by the commercials on Animal Planet and several other channels. ( I had just adopted two rescued senior female dogs from a puppy mill.) I even contacted Christian Darby by email and he responded immediately that my situation would be cleared up. WRONG! I experienced all of the above, i.e. ordered one, got three, was charged exorbitant prices and shipping and handling. I am going to dispute the charge through my bank so maybe at least they won’t get paid for a while. Getting the credit card info first on their site and then not telling the consumer the price or shipping and handling cost, and not giving a summary page and allowing the consumer to delete merchandise or cancel the order is appalling. Maybe we all should post on Facebook or something.

  14. If ordering on line be ever so carefull i ordered one and got 3 took a month and i had already cancelled the order but still got 3 and was charged a total of $278.82. REturned 2 sets and am now fighting about refunding the shipping costof over $40.00. If you order better do it by phone and be ready for a wait. Sure the product works well and my large lab uses it when we are away for the day. I am not sure just how much i trust the company when it comes to mistakes and refunds on their mistake. When using the web site you get no copy of the order or any idea of weather the order went thru. Just be very careful and order by phone. To bad the product is so good yet the company and the web site is so poor.
    JTL Federal Way, Washington

  15. I purchased the potty patch in my local Petco. No ordering hassles, no waiting. It was not on their website (they had the pet loo on the web but not in store), so you’ll probably just have to call your local store or go in.

  16. I had placed order however thank the Lord was able to read this before going on with order. Walking thru Walmart one day and they have the same thing in the section where you buy wee pads but do not call it the same thing. It is great, love it and my little yorkie poo seems to love it as well. Would have to think that would not be good for a male dog though.

  17. This is the same as the TV marketing Scam I responded to last year for the Magic door Draft eliminator. They didn’t deliver for 4 months (Nov to March) but did sell my telephone # and email address to every telemarketing crap known to man or beast.

    i finally purchased a set called KYOTO ENVIRONMNTAL Draft Stopper in person from a our local Mall at a store outlet known as SHOWCASE “AS SEEN ON TV” One month later the original order arrived.

    The Showcase mall outlet product Web site for As Seen on TV is They include a coupon for a 10% reduction for future purchases online

    The TV Mailed product Twin Draft Guard had websites of at Williston VT 05495 and

    I will shop at our Mall to see if they have tPottyPatch without tempting those telemarketers by calling them.

  18. Hi, I purchased a potty patch in August, received it about October. I LOVE it and so does my dog!! My pom used it immediately, and now all the time pees on it. Sometimes he poops on it, sometimes on the cement (its on my balcony) beside it. But close enough for me!! I did order the paper pads and that is a waste of time, don’t need them at all. Just empty the tray, wash and put all back in place again. I wash the screen and the turf as well with hot water and soap.

  19. About Potty Patch……I made my OWN…its not that difficult, People!

    Let me go back to the beginning….check out Potty Park, which is a classy version of the Potty Patch. I have 17 adult Bolognese who do not like the snow, so I bought a couple of the “pricey” Potty Park models. They work perfectly, but cost me about $250 each(comes from Canada) This model is superior to others because the Potty Park has a little “pan” that is more easily dumped then a flat pan full of pee.
    But, I needed at least 6 of these potty pans.( My puppies and adult dogs both LOVED the astro turf, and it has cut my cleaning time in half)

    So, I bought some astro turf, went to the dollar store and bought some simple cat litter pans, and placed a 12×12 “Dry Deck” tile in the bottom, and cut a piece of Astro turf to fit…works for me!

    Perhaps the turf that is specially “microbe” treated is a bit more resistant to odor, but I will tell you the truth, I have to wash any of the turf I use at least every other day to stop odor. I use K.O.E or OdoBan..after rinsing out the waste and urine…works well.

  20. Unfortunately, I ordered the Potty Patch on August 6, 2009 based on the TV ads. Immediately after I placed the order, I saw a pending charge on my account for the 3 potty patches I ordered but the hard charge did not post to my account at that time. By the end of August I had e-mailed and called customer service several times because the expected delivery date on their website changed constantly…at times it even changed several times in the same day! The response was always the same:
    Due to the high demand for this product the items on back order will be shipped as quickly as possible and your credit card will not be charged until the order is shipped.
    After several months of this run-around, I did a little investigating and found several websites hosting posts from other folks who have had similar experiences so I decided to cancel my order. On Friday, Sept 18th I checked the order status website and the items I ordered were still showing to be on back order and the expected delivery date was now pushed out to mid-October. I immediately sent an e-mail to customer service advising them to cancel my order. Now, typically it would take a minimum of two attempts to get a response to any other questions I sent them but lo-and-behold a cancellation request got me a same day response from them…just about 7 hours later! Exactly like another duped customer who described their experience with a cancellation request I got the following response:

    Thank you for contacting customer service. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel your order since it is being processed for shipment. Your order will be shipping out of our warehouse in the next couple business days and once the product ships please allow 7-14 business days for delivery. If you no longer wish to keep the order once you receive it please follow the return instructions below:
    Please return by Insured Parcel Post or UPS, whichever is more convenient and send to:

    Eagle Eye Marketing
    400 Returns Rd
    Wallingford, CT 06494

    Hold onto any receipts in the unlikely event that we do not receive your return. You will need them to trace the shipment.
    Immediately upon receipt of your return, a credit for the purchase price will be applied to your account. This credit should reflect on your billing statement next month.
    Eagle Eye Marketing Customer Service

    Now, I am no statistician but just doing the simple math…about a month for me to actually receive these items, another few weeks for the shipping return and another month for the refund to show on my account means they will have my money in their pocket for approximately 3 months. I checked my acount and sure enough the pending charge is back and suddenly the order status is showing “in process”. Other consumers are now reporting that they are finding random charges on their accounts since giving this company their credit card information and they have also not had any success in getting the company to cancel their orders, they have no product and the saga goes on and on! As an added bonus, I received a post card in the mail from the company 3 days after I attempted to cancel the order. The postcard reaffirmed that the items remained on back order and were not expected to ship until Oct. 5th. The postcard also indicated that I could cancel the order by contacting customer service or by signing and returning the postcard if the delay was not acceptable and I have now done both but they still refuse to cancel my order. I have now filed a complaint with the CT office of teh Better Business Bureau ( and with th CT Attorney General’s Office ([email protected]) and strongly recommend anyone with similar problems do the same!

  21. Don’t own a dog and am not interested in this crappy product. Would just like to know how to get removed from their relentless spam email list. Get 10+ emails a day from them despite having requested repeatedly to be removed from their list. What a horrible operation

  22. I’m sick and tired of all the spam I get re: Potty Patch. I don’t even have a dog! The more I unsubscribe, the more Potty Patch spam I get.

  23. OH just great. NOT after reading this…………………….. ick ! I just ordered one, they told me from two to eight weeks due to high volume of demands on product. I have them my credit card number .
    Does anyone know anything abouth this company, such as an phone number other than 866 # or physical address ?

  24. Its not called the potty patch anymore, same commercial but they changed it
    to the WEEWEE Express. Something smells very fishy and its not
    dog urine, BEWARE of this company!

  25. I am so glad that I read all these blogs! I will not place an order with Potty Patch. I called up the Rascal Dog Litter Box Company and spoke with the owner of the company. They guarantee same day shipping if the order is placed by 3:00 pm. I told her that I was worried that it was a scam like Potty Patch. She assured me that it was not. She was kind enough to call me back and give me my UPS Tracking Code number along with sending an e-mail with the tracking info. I know that my litter box is on its way! I may have paid a little more, but I will receive my product and I feel that I am dealing with an honest company.
    Also, I don’t know how the Potty Patch deals with male dogs? I was worried that my male would pee right off the sides. The Rascal Box has sides so this should not be a problem!

  26. I also rececently went to the ‘Potty Patch’ website and thought it was a good idea to order one, so I entered my credit card information (which I thought was strange that it was asking for the credit card information on the first page of the website) but after trying to upgrade it unsucessfully I decided to cancel out of the website (but there was not a cancel button or anything else to cancel out of the order) so I clicked off of the website and it took my order anyway. I recieved my confirmation for the order yesterday but after reading all of the blogs on this website I decided to cancel it . I was able to get a customer service rep to cancel, but the weird thing was (when I made the call I identified myself by name) and let them know that I wanted to cancel my order. The representative (who did not even identify themselves as affilitated with Potty Patch, in which I had to ask him if he was) then just asked for my zip (in which I gave) and said ‘OK it’s cancelled”. I did not even have to give him my order number or any other information ??? When I asked how did he know if he had the right person for the order he was canceling, he said that it finds the name to the zip code??? I received no confirmation number to show that my order was infact cancelled. SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY!!!! I intend to contact my bank to make sure that this transaction is cancelled.

  27. I was just about ready to order, but if the above commentor has not received them by 6/16/09. I think I’ll hold off. Fath Stringer, it’s July 8th now are you still waiting?


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