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A Better Indoor Potty Patch for your dog?

Photo courtesy 7gadgets.com

When I posted a couple of years ago about the Indoor Potty Patch, we were flooded with comments about the company’s poor customer service, as well as about the less than stellar quality of the product.  Two of the main complaints were the smell and the wobbly base.

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Indoor “Potty Patch” Alternatives for Dogs

Photo Credit:  Patio Park
Photo Credit: Patio Park

OK, I’ll be the first to admit I never even thought about teaching my dog to use the bathroom indoors.  Of course, I live in the ‘burbs and can easily let my dogs in and out pretty regularly.  So, when I wrote the first blog post on the PottyPatch, I thought it was a rather unique product.  That post has turned into our top attraction, drawing more visitors than any other.  And apparently, that interest is not unique to doggies.com.  A simple Google search of “indoor dog potty” returned 7.9 million results!

Since I know by the wealth of page views and comments we have gotten about these devices that this is a topic near and dear to many of you, I encourage you to go read the article I just researched and wrote for our dog den about indoor dog potties.  The article reviews 10 of the PottyPatch’s competitors, hopefully helping you to sort out the pros and cons of each.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what your experience has been.

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A Dog’s Indoor Potty Patch: A Question

We’ve gotten a ton of feedback to previous posts about the potty patch, and as you know if you’ve been following along, the company said they would begin shipping product very soon. Has anyone actually gotten one? I’m curious as to if they are making good on their promise, and as to whether or not the product works. Please comment below if you have one! Thanks.

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Considering buying a potty patch for your dog? Read this first!

We’ve been getting a lot of hits on our potty patch posts, so I wanted to make sure everyone had access to the most recent news from them.  According to the manufacturer, they are now ready to fulfill all of the orders they previously took.  My question to you, readers:  is this true?  Have you gotten what you ordered? 

They said they had test-marketed advertisements before they actually had the product in stock, so they were unable to send out the product when you ordered it.  However, they expected this to be a short-term problem and thought they’d have everything taken care of by now.  What say you?

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An Answer to the Potty Patch mystery!

I did a boatload of research today and finally tracked down the owner of the Potty Patch business.  Many of you have wondered what was going on with this company, since you sent in your credit card information, but never received your product.  See my previous post here.  (Special note to VPinTenn:  Thanks for the phone number!  Unfortunately, I could never get through – kept getting “all circuits are busy”.)

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Dog’s Indoor Potty Patch = Identity Theft Scam????

After my last post on the dog’s indoor potty patch, I received numerous comments about people submitting their credit card information, but never receiving their product.  This makes you wonder why the company is collecting credit card info and whether or not it is a scam. 

As you know, I have tried to get a response from the company, as well as from Animal Planet, where their ads run.  However, no luck so far.  My next recommendation is that anyone who submitted information to try to buy an Indoor Potty Patch should fill out an identity theft complaint form through the Federal Trade Commission’s web site – let’s see if that gets any response.

Please let the rest of us know if you get an answer.  Thanks!

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