Dog’s Indoor Potty Patch = Identity Theft Scam????

After my last post on the dog’s indoor potty patch, I received numerous comments about people submitting their credit card information, but never receiving their product.  This makes you wonder why the company is collecting credit card info and whether or not it is a scam. 

As you know, I have tried to get a response from the company, as well as from Animal Planet, where their ads run.  However, no luck so far.  My next recommendation is that anyone who submitted information to try to buy an Indoor Potty Patch should fill out an identity theft complaint form through the Federal Trade Commission’s web site – let’s see if that gets any response.

Please let the rest of us know if you get an answer.  Thanks!

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Good day, and good dog!

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103 thoughts on “Dog’s Indoor Potty Patch = Identity Theft Scam????”

  1. Just go to PetCo and pick one up in person. This thing is great (tho overpriced…you could actually make one with your own bought materials). But my dog took to it the 2nd day (he’s 5 yrs.) and it is great for those times I don’t want to walk down from my 3rd floor balcony apt.

    I paid $79 bucks for the large, which is two put together with a little plastic bridge.

    I recommend puppy pee pads for easier cleanup. I can’t imagine walking with liquid in the try to dispose of urine. Yuck.

  2. I was going to buy the Potty Patch but after reading all the posts here I decided not to order from their site. I did do some searching online and found that you can order from or buy the Potty Patch at Petco or Petsmart. I sure hope this helps! I’m going to go purchase one and will report back as to how well it works! Good luck!

  3. I was very dissapointed in the porduct…the grass was cheap and just sewn in and my male would pee right off the sides..only makes sense as little Eddie raises his leg when he urinates
    I was not happy with the customer service either. Took weeks to receive my product.
    I eneded up buying a box from the Rascal Dog LItter Box company. They were very helpful and my product was shipped the same day I ordered it.
    Also, since the bx has sides, my male does not pee over the edge…so if you have a male dog this is really important to consider. I don’t know how the Potty Patch would have worked for females……
    I would not reccommend the Potty Patch at all due to the product design or the customer service!!!

    Find a box with sides!


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