An Answer to the Potty Patch mystery!

I did a boatload of research today and finally tracked down the owner of the Potty Patch business.  Many of you have wondered what was going on with this company, since you sent in your credit card information, but never received your product.  See my previous post here.  (Special note to VPinTenn:  Thanks for the phone number!  Unfortunately, I could never get through – kept getting “all circuits are busy”.)

After buying a couple of searches on, I was able to find both a phone number and an e-mail address for Christian Darby, the registered owner of the website.  I left a message for him, and he was nice enough to call back and give me the scoop on what is happening. 

Their company is currently test-marketing the Potty Patch in several different ways.  One way was the e-mail blast, which is what I originally blogged about.  Next, they did a TV spot, which several of you saw on Animal Planet.  However, because they are simply test-marketing to see what brings the best response, they were not totally ready to ship products at the time.

Mr. Darby assures me that the small size Potty Patch will be shipped in about 2 weeks, while the larger size may not be ready until June.  If you have any questions or concerns about your order, he is willing to address them if you email him at christiandarby(at)  (If you don’t know how this works, he would have been flooded with spam if I had entered his complete e-mail address here, so just replace the (at) with the traditional @ sign when you go to address your e-mail.)

He sounded like a nice person, and understands your concerns about identity theft.  Please let me know if you don’t get a response from him after you contact him.  He appeared to be very willing to clear this up.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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129 thoughts on “An Answer to the Potty Patch mystery!”

  1. To begin with, make it easy for my family appreciate your person’s get in this subject. It sometimes is undoubtedly brand spanking new , nonetheless soon after intricate your internet site, this unique intelligence has exploded thoroughly. Enable people to consider their hands on one’s rss or atom to help keep in touch with in any way potential mail messages Sincere realize yet may give it to support admirers together with our are living participants

  2. the potty patch works great .it really traps the smell of the urine .i broke my tray ,wish you could re order just the tray instead of the grass .but overall ,it works awesome .5 stars. buy in store

  3. I have had my potty patch for almost 2 years. The only problem I have with it is finding a replacement for the top part. I have the larger potty patch.

  4. I’ve heard so many people say they hate the Potty Patch because it is flimsy. We have 2 large Patches that we use at home (one upstairs and one downstairs). These were both purchased through the website’s toll-free customer service number. I did purchase a small Potty Patch that we could keep at my parent’s house when we visit — it was purchased at Petco. It is not made nearly as well as the two I purchased through the customer service line — even when only 1 of our 3 dogs steps on it it buckles and it has a tendency to scare them and they run off it. (It has the gray tray but the grid with the sharp prongs is green and it has plastic handles on either end molded into the grid itself that cause it NOT to sit squarely in the tray.) I cut off the plastic handles thinking it would sit tighter and while it does fit better, it still has a tendency to be a little unsteady. I think the maker of Potty Patch had another manufacturer make the ones you buy in the pet stores. If you order a Potty Patch, order on- line or at the website’s customer service line and be sure that the grid is gray and does NOT have the molded handles. We absolutely love this thing — while you do have to clean it every couple of days (especially with 3 little dogs like we have) it sure beats having to let them outside to relieve themselves and have them come in smelling like dogs or perhaps even bringing in fleas. We line ours with the piddle pads and every now and again I throw some baking soda on the pads as a way to neutralize any potential odors — am very conscientious that our house doesn’t have any odor to someone visiting that I may otherwise overlook. What a God send these patches have been. Good luck!!!

  5. Complete waste of money. My little dog will not go near it and I can hardly blame her–it’s constructed poorly and is very flimsy. I’m going back to the potty pads and wished I hadn’t wasted my hard earned $$ on this piece of garbage. Unfortunately, this is such a scam that I see no way to even return it. Convenient for the company I must say! Keep your money–DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!! It’s just a scam!!!

  6. Is a worhtless piece of junk……….the grass slides all over the place and SHARP POINTS attempt to hold the grass in place. Also, for a male it is worthless! My male Morkie still peed on the wall. Don’t waste your money on this, there are better products out there I am sure. I will be returning mine to Walgreens……..

  7. I have two italian Greyhounds that absolutely refuse to go bathroom outside in the cold weathe(Logan,Utah). They will not use the pads that are made for dogs. I was thinking about getting a potty patch. They sell them at Walgreens and petsmart. My question is. Can it be used for pooping also?

  8. I clean ours with DAWN and rinse with very hot water! TEhn soak in baking soda water and re-rinse! No odor. If really damp out I dry in low heat in dryer in an old pillow case tied shut!

  9. We love the Potty Patch. Our 5 week old puppies were using it from the first night away from their mom! I even took a picture of the 1st nights success. We have one in their kennel and one in our hall. They run to it! Even our older dogs now use it as it is so cold outside! I tell all of our new puppy owners about it! We use newspaper under the grid to soak up the wee and we flip the soft puppy poo right of the pad onto another sheet of newspaper! Very effective and cost saving!

    I want to put a link to their web page on our web site. It is the perfect solution to puppy training! All of our puppies go to their forever homes trained to it! Great for apartment people who just can’t get out when puppy needs too! We live on a farm and we use it all the time.

    Thanks Thanks Thanks

    Only issue with puppies is they can shred the edge. May need a stronger binding or seal.

  10. I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Darby myself, he is indeed a very nice and will spoken Gentlemen! I bought a Potty Patch myself for my dog and did the research to reach him. I was in need of some replacement Grass(small) as mine was worn out. Mt Dog loves it and would preper to use it rather than facing the cold Canadian Winters. I will be contacting Mr. Darby Later Today to Purchase the Larger one as my Little Dashund has trouble aiming and positioning herself on the little one. I am a completly satisfied customer and I will continue too spread the good news as I promised to do so!

  11. I want to speak on behalf of the Potty Patch…it is fantastic! I just got a part Maltese/Shih Tzu puppy on Sat (today is Tues). She had an accident when we got home but has only used the Potty Patch since…unbelieveable, no accidents!! I should say that she is in a gated bathroom that is about 8ft x 6ft and I find this amazing! She loves the feel of the astro turf! I am ready for her to do a commercial for them.
    Thanks…love my puppy, Violet!

  12. I purchased the Potty Patch from a pet store in california several months ago. at first both my dogs just used it to lay on. after cleaning up after one of the other day, i whipped the paper towel on the patch. my male dog (does not lift his leg) has be going on it at least twice a day. i have been using potty pads under it. however, my bathroom stinks every day. i have only rinsed it out, it never drys all the way.

  13. We love the potty patch. We have two — one on the first floor and the other on the second floor of the house. We line it with the piddle pads to absorb the urine. With three puppies we have to clean the patch every 2-3 days (especially the one on the second floor since it’s the one they use first thing in the morning and morning urine has a tendency to be a little stronger). They took to the patch extremely fast. We never have to take the ‘girls’ outside to relieve themselves. Stool is picked up with toilet tissue and disposed of in the toilet. I would suggest buying extra grass however so that you always have an extra patch to put on the frame while the other grass is drying. Am still trying to find the perfect cleaner to use on the grass so it doesn’t have an odor — I think what we smell may very well be what attracts the dogs to the patch but after having the patches for about one year I think new grass may have to be the answer. But it IS a great product despite some of the reviews I have read. Like anything else you have to make the patch part of your pets bathroom routine. Love it!!!

  14. we bought our potty patch at pet smart in iowa city. It works great and the little pug we have is a yyear old and goes pee and poop on it. We pick up the poop with a little scoop and put it in the toilet. I am now trying to find out what to use to help with the odor of the urine. It really is a good product.

  15. just purchased a large potty patch at canadian tire for 80 bucks. it is the actually potty patch and not a spin off> have not used it yet though

  16. I have a stubborn miniature pincher it took him six weeks to figure out what it was. It’s nice to have when I can’t come home for lunch. The only problem I have is they said its odor free, NOT TRUE!!!! I also use wee wee pads under the grass thing. It’s cleaned twice a day as well as soak it in bleach and hot water with an enzyme treatment. It still stinks like a dirty bathroom 🙁 It will be removed from my home I’m just worried that now Davinci things it’s ok to pee in my home

  17. I purchased the large potty patch for my older dog. He avoided it like the plague…..even after I caught his urine and placed it on the potty patch. No matter what I did he just didn’t like it.
    My 9 year old dog laid on it like it was a bed.
    I got a 3 month-old puppy & he laid on it.
    I could not get any of the 3 dogs to use it for anything but a bed or place to sit & wag & smile!! And believe me, I tried everything I could think of…….even putting it outside in a favorite ‘potty place’.
    I have it in my garage if anyone wants it!! A waste of money if you ask me.
    Hope this helps someone. (Or maybe everyone else has more cooperative pets!) 🙂

  18. I ordered this product on Sunday and when I ordered it they said they would upgrade it free for 39.95 instead when I finished the order it was for 2 Large potty patches. for 79.95 and shipping it came to 185.88. I have been riped off. I called today to cancel the order and they informed me that it had already been sent out. They told me to return them both and they would give me my refund. I called my bank today and the payment is pending so I have to wait till tomorrow when it post to stop payment for this product. This company is a scam and ripe off. I am reporting them to the BBB. Please what ever you do don’t fall for this like I do.

  19. Walgreens sells the grass potty for $39.95, not sure what brand.
    I have a Maltese, she is 6 yrs now, and have a 24×17 plastic tray i bought at one of the pet stores, i use the doggie pads, can buy thin or thick ones. I was going to try this potty patch but not sure about when she poops. I think with the grass patch I will be doing a lot more cleaning compared to just picking up a pad and throwing out. The potty pad absorbs the pee until u can change and the urine doesn’t sit in a tray. That is my preference and have been using for 6 yrs. Potty pads are sold in most stores, also on ebay. Hope this helps.

  20. I bought the pottypatch about a month ago for my 2 female yorkies. I thought it would be waste of money!! My dogs {Molly and Maddy} are 2 years old. They have never caught on to the whole house breaking thing! I open the package, set the pottypatch up, and molly walked right up on it and tinkled! i was amazed! Neither dog has pooed on it but Im happy that the pee is no longer soaking into my hardwood floors! All and all, Im happy with it and am thinking of getting another.

  21. We love the potty patch and so does our dog Lacey. She is a Shiu tzu and has been litter trained. Litter was so messy that we loved this idea of the patch. I bought 2 of the large ones, so when one is being cleaned and air drying the other patch is ready to go. We are so thankful that we found this product!

  22. hello, u send me another one of potty patch cost$ 50 but I didnt order to one so I had potty patch was before but I dont understand why u send me again but is that potty patch cost$ 50? pls let me know .I dont want any more if u send me again bec I have enough of potty patch ok so if I need more so will let u know ok. thank u have anice day!!! smile!!

  23. Hi. I bought my potty patch at Petco here in Florida. I didn’t even know they had a website until just recently. I bought a puppy just a couple of months ago and I got her mother at the same time. The puppy loves the potty patch and uses it all of the time, but the mother dog will not go near it. I heard there is a pheromone spray you can use to get reluctant dogs to use it, but I haven’t bought that yet. I’ll be checking with Petco about that soon. Pet Smart does not have the potty patch. I recommend the potty patch for puppies that have not been trained to go outside yet, but I’m not sure if it will work for dogs who have already been trained to just go outside. I’ll let you know what happens when I use a pheromone spray on it to see if the mother dog will use the potty patch too.

  24. They have the LARGE potty patch for those of you complaining about the size. It works fine and you can buy a novelty fire hydrant on amazon the put on the potty patch for those boy dogs.

  25. Please do not buy the potty patch!It is such a waste of money!You would be better off if you went to Lowes and purchased a storage unit and used the plastic lid and put puppy pads on it maybe buy you some grass if you want.It would costed you 137.50.I am very disapointed!I purchased two and they are small and like I said it is junk!You can make it yourself.You still have to buy puppy pads so you do not save there.My dogs barked at it.My cat liked the grass part.I gave them to my mom for her two small dogs they will only use it if she puts a puppy pad on top of it.Then my mom said the smell from the urine is bad.It takes awhile to dry after you wash them out.It also took 3 months to even receive them.Now they are taking more money out of account because I think for puppy pads.The puppy pads were to costed 9.99 a month they charged my account 29.50.So now in the morning I have to try and get that cancelled.It is a pain and I do not feel they should take more money then what was agreed.Just do not give out your credit card infromation.That is a mistake!I hope I saved someone out there from buying a disapointment.The money you pay for the potty patch it should be made a lot better.To me it should snap together but it is all loose.You can create it yourself for a lot less.I put a plastic shower curtain under my puppy pads.I have to clean it but atleast the liner saves my carpet.I think I will get me a big plastic lid that might be better.Thanks I hoped this helped! Angela

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