A Dog’s Indoor Potty Patch: A Question

We’ve gotten a ton of feedback to previous posts about the potty patch, and as you know if you’ve been following along, the company said they would begin shipping product very soon. Has anyone actually gotten one? I’m curious as to if they are making good on their promise, and as to whether or not the product works. Please comment below if you have one! Thanks.

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65 thoughts on “A Dog’s Indoor Potty Patch: A Question”

  1. I purchased the Potty Patch for my puppy. I live in a 3rd fl apartment and running down 3 flights of stairs every 20 minutes got real old real fast. She uses it fairly regularly. If it gets too filled and funky (let’s be honest) she’ll just pea on the balcony. She has had VERY FEW accidents in the house. So I love it!
    I have noticed recently though that she is tearing it up instead of peeing on it. I don’t know why all of a sudden she wants to destroy it. She’s almost 6 months now so maybe it’s just her hormones kicking in.

  2. Another tip I found out if your dog doesn’t use the potty patch buy the urine spray and spray on it to draw the dog to it . It may take several days for some older dogs to use it but most all dogs will pick up what it’s all about and the spray just inhances the idea for them. After pulling up all carpet in my home my 16 year old schnauzer will use it but it did take a while for her to do so. My welsh used it right off the bat . But baking soda is the best for cleaning and keeping away the odor. Carpet fresh is great too for the fragrance it has in it.

  3. I have a 4 year old Welsh terrier and have used it every since she was a puppy and I love it. No more getting up at 3:00 in the morning. The only thing I hated was the odor and after trying bleach, vinagar, and store bought products at pet stores not any good results in any of those. I mixed up spray bottles of bleach, vinagar, to take outside where I cleaned it and would used my water hose with a good spray nozzle with pressure and use these products but I would alway still smell urine until finally one day I thought about carpet fresh I had under my counter sink, I forgot I had it cause I no longer had carpet so I thought I’ll just use that and see what happens. By golly it worked great I first sprinkled it on heavy and slowly rinsed it through the pad and then let it all dry out brought it in the house then sprinkled it on the pad and there was no smell. I even got my nose close to the pad and nothing, couldn’t believe it was as simple as using baking soda. I even sprinkled some in the tray. I do flip the grass pad over and wash through both sides usually to make sure I’m getting it rinsed out good and I do this sometimes on a daily basis. Cheap and easy. What more could you want. I do wash my outside on my concrete driveway to be able to keep dirt and grit off of it while I clean it , I did once clean it in my tub but I will go outside even in the winter before I do it again in my house. I use a pale of water if I can’t use the waterhose.

  4. WOW! I am shocked to see how many negative remarks have been made about the potty patch. When we got our first one it was tough trying to get our Lhasa Apso to use it. We had to keep putting him on the patch and pushing on his behind telling him that was where he needed to go potty. We had the most awesome luck because he would use it almost every time. Now, with our second one he has been going off to the side of it–both pee and poo. He has mostly been pooping outside but using the patch to pee inside. Well, for the last two or three days I have found urine stains on the carpet. Just this morning as I was about to leave and had to come back inside to get something I caught him peeing in front of the television. I just don’t know why he is all of a sudden doing this. We clean it frequently with dishwashing soap, a scrub brush, and very hot water and dry it he has never had problems before it. Its usually only after I wash it that he has problems but not with my wife. Maybe he’s trying to tell me he doesn’t like the way I clean it? I will admit that the smell in the fake grass part is the real part that stinks to high heaven. I wish there were better solutions. Any ideas?

  5. i bought the potty patch and my puppy took it from day one maybe because i trained the puppies on a pee pad when they were three weeks old the mother of the pups refused 2 use it i believe its cause i never trained her on them the biggest problem i find is the amonia smell is awfull i cant put it on my balcony so its in the bathroom any suggestions on getting rid of the smell

  6. I purchased the potty patch at petsmart, Waste of money!! It comes with fake grass and why would a dog want to go on fake grass. I am going to try to by a small piece of real grass (like for lawns) and place it on top of the potty patch. It was $40 and I could of just as easily used a plastic tray and placed real grass on top. Do not buy this!! Save your money and make your own.

  7. I ordered the PP about 2/15/11, SURPRISE! Everyone who had bad experiences ’bout the PP, may have been misled, but, BUT, I got mine 2/24/11, I was told 4 to 6 weeks before delivery. Of course, I had to go through the pitch about all the x-tras, but I wasn’t interested. The point here is, 2/15/11 to 2/24/11 IS NOT 4 to 6 weeks!

  8. Try vinegar for the smell. Should work and keep your dog attracted to going there. For people that say their dog won’t use it: Just like anything you want your dog to do, YOU have to TRAIN the dog!!!! Geesh!

  9. Has anyone ever considered just getting a piece of astro-turf to put on top of a wee pad or tray? Better yet, get 2 pieces of astro-turf so one can be drying out after washing, while the other one is down for use. You can get the size you need, and for much cheaper than the rip-off price of a commercial product.

  10. I found an item that is the same as the potty patch at our local grocery outlet in Grass Valley, CA for about $10. It is the puppy potty trainer as seen on tv. It is the small size and I got it for my chihuauah. Haven’t tried training her on it yet but will be using it outside on the back porch. When we put her on it she didnt like the feel of it on her feet but it does have a scent that is supposed to attract them. Will see. But if you are thinking of getting this, check your local grocery outlet store if you have one in town, before paying loads of money. It is the same product/design as the potty patch with the tray underneath.

  11. How do you clean ths thing it does stink. I took the hose and sprayed it off but it still STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. We bought the potty patch for our 4 month old Jack Russell (J.D.)-when he peed outside we wiped a little up and smeared it on the potty patch. We live in a 2nd floor condo, and keep it on our patio. He picked right up on it. It DOES work-however, it starts stinking really bad, really fast. It will make you gag, even 5 minutes after you wash it. I am going to buy some baking soda and leave that in the bottom part of the potty patch. This product would be great if it didnt smell so horrible.

  13. for those of you who want to throw away the potty patch i would love to have you send it to me.or if your close i would pick it up. looking for my grandma she inssist on trying this and has no money to buy one. infact she wants two of them. i would pay for the shipping if needed. let me know . you can e-mail me at [email protected], BUT OF COURSE IT WOULD NEED TO BE CLEAN. THANK YOU.

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