Saturday Survey: What Has Your Dog Destroyed?

As I sit here trying to piece together my son’s paper route paycheck, it makes me wonder what types of things other dogs choose to tear apart.  I almost called this “the true cost of having a dog”, but realized that this doesn’t even begin to cover it!

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Good day, and good dog!

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: What Has Your Dog Destroyed?”

  1. My golden only chews up things if she gets left in the house and we are out in the yard, or if we close her into a room when company comes because she’s tooooo friendly wanting to be pet and won’t go lay down. Those times she will pull books off of shelves and chew them up, pillows, anything she can.

    If we leave the house, like for work,, school, errands, whatever, she never touches a thing!

  2. My dog is 9 months old, he destroyed pleanty of objects in my house.
    -His peepee pad
    -The Potty Patch
    -His beds

    My dog also constantly goes to the bathroom all over the house and is no longer potty trained. But i still love him!

  3. I think the worst thing my dogs have destroyed are:
    a cell phone

    and of course, tons of squeeky toys!

    I just found this blog and think it is full of great info. Thanks for taking the time to maintain it.

    Sheila @

  4. Princes, a Siberian Husky, eat a hole in the wall. When we first got her (about 2 months after buying a new house) she was only a puppy about 8 weeks old when we got her. We put in a garage in a small room that houses the hot water heater. The water heater is up off the floor on a pedestal. She started by chewing in the pedestal. As she grew she figured out how to get behind the door. The wall she chewed into was a two sided wall that lead into the master closet. She chewed a square hole in the wall on her side (but didn’t into the other). However, we never found the drywall or the insulation. After that we bought her a pin outside.

  5. A candle. Doesn’t sound that bad but it was. Tensel from the Christmas tree was pretty bad too. As was my old dog that swallowed pantyhose.

  6. Our Eng. setter, gets very angry whenever she sees another dog on the sidewalk in front of our house OR the mailman OR the UPS truck. She needs to BITE SOMETHING so usually grabs a pillow, or the cushion of our loveseat which not has the stitching pulled loose because of her biting it so much! Other than that she hasn’t destroyed anything. She needs an anger management class! LOL!

  7. The wall, they eat a big chunk of dry wall in one of the corners of the apartment. You can usually protect most things in your house, or put them in a safe place, but how do you keep them away from the wall?

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