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Saturday Survey: What Has Your Dog Destroyed?

Since I posted the picture of the panicked dog who ate through a door yesterday, and since my dear, sweet (HA!) Daisy chewed through my remote control this week, I thought an appropriate question for today’s survey would be to ask about what your dog has chewed or destroyed.

I can remember my dad saying our collie, Lady, nearly chewed the legs off of the picnic table when she was a pup. My dogs have always enjoyed a good piece of furniture.

What's the worst thing your dog ever destroyed?

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Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Destructive Dogs

UK pet insurance provider Esure recently surveyed 3,000 dog owners, finding that up to 66% of pet owners end up filing claims for damage done to their homes by their dogs.  The biggest issues were soiled carpets, scratched floors, and chewed door frames, followed closely by clothing and furniture damage.


Owners reported that most damage occured, as you might expect, while their dogs were just puppies, but some have had problems during the whole lifetime of their dogs.

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