A Better Indoor Potty Patch for your dog?

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When I posted a couple of years ago about the Indoor Potty Patch, we were flooded with comments about the company’s poor customer service, as well as about the less than stellar quality of the product.  Two of the main complaints were the smell and the wobbly base.

A similar product is now on the market, called the The Indoor Restroom for Pets, and it claims to have solved the odor problem.  Has anyone tried this product?  Please let us know what you think about it!

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2 thoughts on “A Better Indoor Potty Patch for your dog?”

  1. This is great. I already have one bichon that is well housebroken, but we are moving to a new apartment on a higher floor so this might work well to try and re-train her so we don’t have to go all the way outside!

  2. This has nothing to do with the aforementioned product but made me think of what is happening next door to us. People moved in about 2 years ago. They have a rottie mix. The dog has been outside maybe 3 times since they moved in. While I realize many dogs have it much worse. How sad for this size of dog to never get out into the fresh air. According to their young daughter the dog uses puppy pads-but not always. I have to say it does scare me if the dog would escape since it is most likely not very socialized. 🙁

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