Indoor “Potty Patch” Alternatives for Dogs

Photo Credit:  Patio Park
Photo Credit: Patio Park

OK, I’ll be the first to admit I never even thought about teaching my dog to use the bathroom indoors.  Of course, I live in the ‘burbs and can easily let my dogs in and out pretty regularly.  So, when I wrote the first blog post on the PottyPatch, I thought it was a rather unique product.  That post has turned into our top attraction, drawing more visitors than any other.  And apparently, that interest is not unique to  A simple Google search of “indoor dog potty” returned 7.9 million results!

Since I know by the wealth of page views and comments we have gotten about these devices that this is a topic near and dear to many of you, I encourage you to go read the article I just researched and wrote for our dog den about indoor dog potties.  The article reviews 10 of the PottyPatch’s competitors, hopefully helping you to sort out the pros and cons of each.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what your experience has been.

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5 thoughts on “Indoor “Potty Patch” Alternatives for Dogs”

  1. My Yorkie poo loves it. I’d like it if it didn’t smell so bad even right after cleaning can’t imagine having this indoors!

  2. I have a potty patch and I purchase indoor/outdoor carpet. I have the store cut it in the length I need and then I cut it in the width I need. It is very inexpensive. I put the disposable pads underneath to collect the urine. i simply throw away the pad and the grass. I clean the trays with enzymes to kill the odor and put fresh grass and a new pad. I place a lage piece of cardboard underneath to catch any accidents. My 18 month old 7 pound Maltese and I are very happy. i hope this helps. BTW – I buy the enzymes at Home Depot by the gallon.

  3. I have the potty patch but don’t want to spend the $30 for replacement carpet — mine has an odor that I can’t was out.

    Any suggestions on an alternative to replace the carpet that would hold up better and not retain the odor so quickly?

    Thanks for an suggestions.

  4. I got the potty patch for my 2 small dogs. It took them about three days to decide to use it , but since then use it when I’m out or during the night. I love it! Really really works.

  5. I purchased a potty patch plus extra disposable liners from a mail order catalog online. I received it in timely fashion. also followed the suggestions of a competitive product owner: brought in some of my12 year-old rescue Beagle, Brittany, “yellow snow” (urine) and a poop deposit. to encourage her to regard the spot as O.K. for such use. Only gave it one very brief sniff and has ignore it ever since. She’d rather “hold It” until it is at least above zero outside than use “that thing.” Some where I read that it works best with puppy training. “Twould seem to be true.

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