The Furminator: God’s gift to shedding dogs?

furminatorI was talking to a friend today, and he told me about what he calls a miracle product.  He said a friend told him about the Furminator awhile ago, but said it had cost $50 at the pet store.  Although my friend John struggles with his German Shepherd’s blowing his coat twice a year, he decided he’d rather vacuum every day than spend $50 to get rid of the problem.

Then, he found the same product on e-bay (new in box) for just $15, so he decided to give it a try.  He couldn’t say enough good things about it!  According to John, he brushed Harley only twice this spring, and never had to worry about excessive hair around the house.

I’m thinking I’ll have to go buy one now.  If you look at their Web site, it’s unbelievable how much hair they got out of the pictured dogs (one of them shown above) with this product, but from what John said, it’s absolutely true!

Have any of you tried the Furminator?  What was your experience?

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11 thoughts on “The Furminator: God’s gift to shedding dogs?”

  1. I bought this product based on a gentleman in the store at the time I was complaining about my Malemute’s never ending shedding all year round. I LOVE IT!!!!! I use it only once a week on her now. When I first bought it; I filled a plastic grocery bag full of her loose and shedding hair. It works wonders on short haired pets as well. I would recommend this product to anyone with a pet that sheds consistantly through out the year.

  2. I’m not sure why but this blog is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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  4. I use the cat version on my long hair cats and it is amazing. I cannot believe how much fur I get off of the cats. One of the cats has fine hair that is everywhere, including frequently in my contacts, and she has become so much more fun to cuttle with and pet. And she likes not having all of that fuzz everywhere also. We have less hair balls for sure. And less fur everywhere.

  5. I’ve had the furminator for about a year (bought on ebay for $20-new in package) and use it for my golden retriever. It does work very well, but not like the website shows! Couple of things to know when you use it: 1) I’ve found it works best to work in short little strokes working you way along and the undercoat will kind of ‘roll-up’ 2) you have to be CAREFUL not to rake too hard on the skin as its a bit sharp— I would suggest scraping it along your arm or leg a bit to get the feel of how sharp it can be….

    It is worth the price though!

  6. Hi,
    I’ve been using Furminator on my horse for 2 years. There’s a larger size for horses, and it’s great for Spring shedding… imagine all the hair you get off a horse… I’ve also tried it on my Golden and didn’t like it much. Except for his back where the hair is shorter and the Furminator does a good job, the rest of his coat is much too long and it pull and tears his hair out. No fun for him or me…

  7. I’ve been using Furminator for more than a year with Katie, my Siberian Husky. It’s vastly superior to anything I’ve used before. Gets more of her undercoat, and seems not to irritate her as much as other combs, brushes and rakes I’ve tried before.

  8. My friend uses one on her Healer and LOVES it. She tried it on my Boxer who was shedding and although she didn’t stand still too long it did get an impressive ammount off for just one brush down her back. I’ve never seen anything remotely so effective on a short-haired dog!

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