Buddy, great name for a dog who hangs onto you for dear life

Tanner Brown / AP Photo
Tanner Brown / AP Photo

What do you do if your best friend is taken away in an ambulance? If your name is Buddy and you’re a Beagle mix, you simply climb onto the outside step of the ambulance and ride along!

The San Angelo Standard-Times recently carried the story of Buddy and 85-year old JR Nicholson.

When Nicholson told his ranch hand that he was dizzy and needed to go to the hospital, nearly an hour away, the ranch hand called for an ambulance. To be sure that nothing went wrong, Buddy jumped up on a step on the side of the ambulance and wrong along, relying on his experience at riding tractors around the ranch to keep his balance, no doubt.

About 20 miles out, a passing motorist waved down the ambulance and told them they had a stowaway. They brought Buddy inside, and at one point the dog even stepped on the control switch to turn on the sirens and lights! I’m thinking Nicholson is probably pretty happy that he brought Buddy home from an animal shelter about 4 months ago.

Both Buddy and Mr. Nicholson went home the same day and all is well. Nicholson states that two things are important for people to take away from this story: adopt a shelter dog, and thank your first responders.

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Good day, and good dog!

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