LA Dog Chews Off Leg to Get Free

The LA Times and KTLA are reporting the story of Rocky, a German Shepherd pup who chewed off one of his feet to escape a chain that was too tight.

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue picked him up from a shelter last Monday and took the dog straight to the vet where his hind foot was removed due to an infection, as well as damage from his chewing. The family says they don’t know what happened. Coastal German Shepherd Rescue has more details on their Facebook page, but don’t click on the Facebook link if you’re eating – the pictures are rather gruesome.

The good news to come of all of this is that Rocky went to a new forever home in San Diego over the weekend, just 6 days after his surgery. They say he wants to get rid of the cone of shame, but other than that, he appears to be adjusting well.

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