Cheesecake, the benevolent Capybara

Photo courtesy: Rocky Ridge Rescue via Facebook


OK, to start off, I had to look up what a Capybara is. Here’s what I learned: these large, odd looking animals are actually the world’s largest rodent, basically a great big guinea pig!

Now Cheesecake, the Capybara who lives at Rocky Ridge Rescue in Midway, Arkansas, may be just a little bit more compassionate than the average Capybara. When the new mama dogs at the rescue need a break from their active puppies, Cheesecake gets to babysit. She has apparently done this with several litters of pups, and is quite the good auntie.

Check out the rescue’s Facebook page for lots of pictures featuring Cheesecake and “her” puppies.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog! (or good Capybara, as the case may be)

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