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Your Dog’s Role

USA Today recently reported on a survey commissioned by Bissell Homecare and done by Kelton Research.  The survey asked 650 pet owners what role their pet played in their lives.

66% reported the pet was their best friend (not sure what this says about the quality of human friends / spouses / significant others)

59% said the pet was a snuggle buddy (this is my Cooper, to a T)

37% used the pet as a guardian (does this mean the dog is guarding the house or that the dog is controlling the person’s finances & looking out for his/her well-being?)

33% viewed the pet as a child (this would fit my brother)

25% saw the pet as therapist (maybe Snoopy should have been in Lucy’s psychiatry booth)

Come back Saturday when we’ll p0se the same question to you, our valued readers.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!