Tuesday’s Top Ten: Ways to Reduce Your Allergic Response to Your Dog



While it’s true that your immune system responds to the dander and saliva of your dog, it’s also true that reducing the amount of fur in your home can help to reduce the size of your allergic response.  Here are our top ten suggestions to help you have your dog and love him, too!

10.  Brush your dog every day to get out all of the loose hair and keep it confined in one area.

9.  Wear a mask while you brush.  Goggles, too, if you get itchy eyes from being around fur.

8.  Bathe your dog at least weekly to remove some of the dander.

7.  Wash your hands after you touch your dog and before you touch your face.

6.  Use washable pet beds and wash them frequently.

5.  Use washable slipcovers and throw rugs and wash them frequently.

4.  Use a HEPA filter on your vacuum and make sure you have a good vacuum with strong suction.

3.  Install HEPA filters on your air conditioner and furnace.

2.  Keep at least one room dog-free so you have a refuge.  You might consider keeping the dog out of the bedroom so you can at least sleep without inhaling allergens.

1.  Keep a lint brush handy so you can brush the fur off of your clothes frequently.  The tape roller kind works the best.

***Bonus Suggestion!***  If you are adopting or purchasing a new dog, look for a small dog with long hair and a single coat.  Small dogs have fewer hair strands than large dogs, long hair sheds less frequently than short hair, and single-coated dogs don’t generally “blow” their entire coats twice a year.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: Ways to Reduce Your Allergic Response to Your Dog”

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  2. Reasonable tips, about things that dog might left out their extra hair is great tip. A friend with an allergy with their dog just make some relief, not long before they finally keep the dog in a place/rooms where the dog can comfortably stay and the things around can easily washed and cleaned to get rid immediately with the hairs.

  3. Great suggestions…

    I’d also like to suggest terriers as being more “hypoallergenic” than other breeds of dog for that same reason…they usually have a single coat.

    I’ve also done some research on different vacuums to help with the dog hair problem.

    I also popped by today to let you know that I’ve chosen Doggies.com/blog as one of my top 10 Blogs I love!

    Be sure to go to http://TerrierLover.com/?p=646 and pick up your award! I’ve chosen you as one of my top 10 favorite blogs!

    It would be great if you post that you won this award by placing it on your site or in a post!

    Kimberly 🙂

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