Tuesday Top Ten: Puppy Cams

You’ve probably heard by now that the San Francisco couple that breeds Shiba Inus is back on UStream with a puppy cam.  They were even featured on last Sunday’s Today Show.

But did you know there are lots of other puppy cams available for your viewing pleasure?  Here is a list of those found on Ustream, ranked by the number of viewers they had at the time I logged in.

You can also find other puppy cams by simply putting “Puppy Cam” in your favorite search engine.

10.  Border Collies

9.  King Charles Cavaliers

8.  Boxers

7.  Labradoodles

6.  French Bulldogs

5.  Golden Retrievers

4.  Bulldogs

3.  Beagles

2.  Mastiffs

1.  And of course, the Shibas that started the craze

Have fun!

Until next time,

Good day,  and good dog!

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