A Wag of the Doggies.com Tail to Katherine Heigl

chihuahuaKatherine Heigl, Dr. Izzie Stevens of Grey’s Anatomy fame, has proven herself to be a true canine-atarian, with her recent actions.

As we all know, when a dog becomes very popular, many people buy that breed as a status symbol, then find out that the reality of living with a dog is more of a responsibility than they had originally thought, so the dog ends up in an animal shelter.

With the recent popularity of the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua and with many celebrities being photographed with their Chihuahuas, the same thing has happened to these small cuties.  Shelters in Los Angeles have been over-run and had no way to place all of the Chihuahuas, but there was a rescue group in New Hampshire that was looking for this breed and having a hard time finding them.

That’s where Katherine Heigl comes in.  The problem the rescue was having was in financing transportation from LA to Nashua, and Ms. Heigl said she’d foot the bill!  The Salem Animal Rescue League will take five of the dogs and the Nashua Humane Society will take the other twenty.  They are confident they can place the dogs in forever homes within a few days.  We can’t think of a better holiday present for these dogs.

Here’s a link to the original story from WMUR – Channel 9 in Nashua.

Thanks for caring, Ms. Heigl!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “A Wag of the Doggies.com Tail to Katherine Heigl”

  1. That is such a wonderful thing that Katherine is doing for those sweet little creatures!
    People do have good intentions I believe,but sometimes they just do not realize the responsibility of how to care for the animal….so sometimes it’s easier for them to give up. If more research was done before people choose a animal and how it would fit into their lifestyle and benefit everyone it would be different.

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