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Tuesday Top Ten: Ways to Lower Your Tax Bill

I Do Not Have Enough Money Looking for a last minute way to create a charitable deduction for your taxes? This may be the last year ever that you will be able to use donations as a way to lower your tax bill. Check out our top ten list of the items most needed by shelters and rescue organizations. Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: Ways to Lower Your Tax Bill

In Honor of Independence Day

Check out this neat offer from DogTagArt.com. I have purchased tags for all of my dogs from this company and have been very happy with them. They simply do NOT wear out. You can choose one of their snazzy (and often funny) designs, or create your own. So, give your dog the gift of a shiny new tag, and give a vet a pet at the same time.

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Dogs raise $45K by surfing!

If you ever watch NBC’s Nightly News, you know that Brian Williams features a segment on “Making a Difference” each night, showing what everyday people are doing to help those less fortunate.  Usually, it’s people who work at a soup kitchen, or people who have founded a charity or something pretty conventional.  However, the other night, he ran a feature on rescue dogs who showed their stuff at a surfing competition to raise funds for the charity Modest Needs.

The dogs are just too cute on their little surfboards – hard to describe – you have to watch it yourself!

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Help out animal rescues and dog shelters

(This button is not a valid link – read below for how you can help.)

Come on, admit it…you’ve clicked on ads on your favorite websites before.  Now, you can do so to help out a cause near and dear to all of us.  If you go to this website and click on the “Click Here to Give” button, their sponsors will give a little over half a bowl of food to an animal rescue organization.  You can only click once a day, but if all of us work together, we’ll make a dent in animal hunger.  It’s easy.  It’s free.  What more can you ask for?

Best of all, the site is part of the PetFinders network, so it is legitimate.  The site also features some success stories of dogs who have found homes.

If you look at the very top row of tabs, you’ll notice that you can do similar FREE good works for other causes such as breast cancer, literacy, and the rain forest.  Not a bad deal!

I look at it this way:  I have to look at ads all the time when I surf.  (I know.  I know.  They make it possible for many sites to exist, but sometimes they’re annoying.)  By clicking on these “Give” buttons, the advertisers have to give something back to the community.  Seems like divine justice!

If you don’t have doggies.com set up as your home page, consider having TheAnimalRescueSite as your home, so you see it every day when you log on.  That will help you remember to click the button every day and provide food to our needy 4-legged friends.

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