Heigl Foundation Donates $30,000 To Fund No Cost Adoptions For Veterans

Katherine Heigl (star of Grey’s Anatomy and the upcoming movie One for the Money) has just announced that the foundation she established in her brother’s memory is donating $30,000 to assist our country’s veterans in adopting shelter animals.

It seems Heigl’s Uncle Jack (Frederick John Debus) was a 40-year employee of his Uncle Sam in the Naval Reserves.  He was also a great animal lover, and after his death last January, the Foundation wanted to do something to both honor his military service and reflect his love of cats and dogs.

To this end, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation has donated $30,000 to the Los Angeles Animal Alliance’s Fall 5000 Super Adoption Program. Through this program, any veteran may adopt, at no cost, a pet from a local participating shelter in the Greater Los Angeles area. The program begins November 4 and concludes on January 30, 2012.

As they state in their press release, “It is a small token of our appreciation to the legion of heroes who have given so much. Their collective sacrifice is the reason we are still the greatest place on earth to live.”

You may recall, this is the same foundation that paid to airlift a group of Chihuahuas from overcrowded shelters on the West Coast to shelters on the East Coast who had a waiting list for these tiny pups.

Want to support the Foundation?  Visit their Get Involved page.

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