Maggie and her ongoing health saga

As you might remember, we went through a scare with our Golden Retriever, Maggie, a few years ago when she developed thyroid cancer.  The vet was able to remove her thyroid, and the tumor appeared not to have spread.  However, now it is clear it did metastasize to her brain.

She falls down quite a bit, and has begun having seizures, but she still has a lot of good days.  It’s clear we’ll have to make a decision sometime soon, but for now, we’re just appreciating the time we have with her.

Over the weekend, it was so beautiful out, we decided to take a drive, and we took Maggie back to see the breeder where she came from (Good as Gold Golden Retrievers in Wilmot, Ohio).  Maggie was the first dog they had ever bought, and we got her from them after they had bred her twice and found she couldn’t bring down enough milk for her pups.

Maggie appeared to enjoy the trip, and I think they were really glad to see her.  It was a nice drive for all of us, but I was a little worried about how the stress would affect Maggie.  I’m glad to report she looks to be doing just fine!  Yet another good day to appreciate having her in our family.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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5 thoughts on “Maggie and her ongoing health saga”

  1. Seeing or beloved pets struggling and not bring able to cure them is hard. I know Maggie enjoyed her ride with you on a beautiful day. Cherish each day the two of you share together and know that she loves you and will always be by your side. Cancer is hard to deal with and can be sneaky, but she is so lucky to have you in hey life. Hugs and prayers to you both.

  2. Sounds like she has a wonderful family!! I recently had to put my Shyanne to sleep, she was a chow cross. You will know when the time is because they seem to know and they just look at you a certain way. Have lots of fun with her and I wish you well!!

  3. I often wondered how your Maggie was doing. My Golden Chester was diagnosed with a spinal meningioma in late Sept. No option presented to me could offer a cure, just perhaps a little more time. I opted for his quality of life and have him now on meds that relieve the pain and ease the symptoms… until the tumor becomes too big and meds have no effect anymore. I try to think “one day at a time” and cherish every moment I have with him. I’m glad your Maggie had a beautiful day, and I wish her, and you, many more.

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