Loss of a Hero

From Berea, Ohio:  K-9 officer Ciro was put to sleep Saturday, two weeks after receiving a devastating diagnosis of cancer.  He was just five years old.  Swollen lymph nodes were found during a routine vet visit, and tests revealed a very aggressive form of lymphatic cancer.

As the parent of a fox hound who died this way, I can tell you it is quick, painful, and extremely hard to watch.  In Ciro’s case, Patrolman Tim Milter was the one forced to watch while his dog’s condition rapidly worsened.  Milter says, “They are there with you all the time. It’s just like a family member. It’s almost like losing one of my kids.  It’s been tough on the family.”

The Berea PD has had three canine officers since 1989.  Ciro follows in the proud tradition of his predecessors Max and Ben.  The typical police K-9 serves about 7 – 10 years, then retires as a pet. 

The total cost of purchasing and training a K-9 often tops $8,000.  Ciro was trained in criminal apprehension, searching, tracking and drug detection.  Donations are being accepted and can be arranged by calling Patrolman Milter at the police station at (440) 826-5871.

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