K-9 Officer Buford

This is my week to work our community festival sourrounding the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement.  As with any large gathering, this one involves a police presence to keep the crowd in line.  So, tonight I got to meet Buford, one of the most beautiful German Shepherds I’ve ever seen.  He works with Patrolman Gilmore of the Canton Police Department.  He let Buford out for a romp and a potty break in the area where I was working, so I asked to take a picture to share with you.  Thanks, Patrolman Gilmore and Buford!

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3 thoughts on “K-9 Officer Buford”

  1. I have a totally beautiful six-month old Sheppard. I spent much money on him from a reliable, police dog family, ect,. I got him at nine weeks and put him into training at twelve weeks., In the mean time I broke my ankle, which is now in a cast. Also broke my rib. This dog, my baby needs to play so much!!! Is there anyone out there who has dogs that I can drop by and let him play with? East Memphis, TN or within thirty miles for my boy, He is such a big puppy!

  2. Awesome animal! Years ago I had a male German Shepherd named Kim. He was truly amazing; the most brilliant dog I have ever experienced. He too was gorgeous! Kim was born on an army base in Texas; his mom sniffed for drugs, and his dad was a guard dog. Unfortunately, Kim’s ears did not stand upright as they should so he was not accepted for training = ain’t that something? The young couple who adopted him, returned to Bham; and they started out by renting an apartment; however, the landlord did not welcome Kim’s presence. Kim was then adopted by the Birmingham Police Dept, but when training, they discovered that Kim had hip displacia which is common in Shepherds. Kim was then returned to the young couple, but the Landlord said NO DOGS! That’s where I came in and adopted Kim, sight unseen. All I knew was his story and my heart bled for him. All he wanted was to be a good dog. At my house, he was spoiled rotten; he loved riding in the car and thought he was back on patrol – very interesting. He was super protective, could catch my low blood sugars before I knew about them, gentle with kids and yet showed calm snarls when he thought anyone was threatening any member of our family. Kim was our hero. He eventually died and went on to rest in doggy heaven but he will always be in my mind. His eyes were amber, and he had the most beautiful markings of any Shepherd on the planet – of course I am prejudiced:). I still miss Kim … he was and always will be a hometown hero at my house.

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