Saturday Survey: Your Dog’s Favorite Toy

Hard to believe it’s already Saturday again!  This week’s topic:  what does your dog like best to play with?

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Your Dog’s Favorite Toy”

  1. Kris – Thanks for sharing your story. I have mixed feelings about the vaccination issue, as I have heard the same thing about human children’s vaccines. It’s hard to know who to believe, but I guess each of us has to find a vet we can trust & go by what he/she says.

  2. I had an old country vet sway me about 10 years ago from over vaccinating my animals for random and what could be perceived as the threat/shot of the day. I was a suburban girl moving to the country and I had inherited a pile of cats in heat. He felt very strongly that a lot of cancers evolved from the “point of injection” and sold me on if it needs to be, a nose spray or otherwise, leave it be. Totally spayed and neutered my animals on the cheap in the future. Ended up total cost, all lives except for one hit by a car on a 30 mph rd (how was that not deliberate) all are still living 10+ years later, but no horrid illness to report. My old girls are still wiry and stealth. Darn who was he???

    He told me of the greed of the pharmaceutical companies and how they don’t care about our pets as they are only commodities and expendable to them. That they can inject our animals with unknown chemicals and we pay for it and take it trying to do our best for our best. He said to me why?

    The answer he gave was that we as animal lovers we will eventually get a new one. I wish I could remember the vets name though I suspect he is dead, but the best vet I ever went to. One of the most honest and kindest humans I have come in contact with.

    Watch out for the up sell on your vet bill. You can buy frontline spray freely that will- last as many seasons as you see fit. Years even depending on your population. Takes care of everything, including mites but except worms w/out much side affects. AND if like me you have a critter on the sly, an adjustable nozzle to zap out those pesky bugs like a squirt gun.

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