Saturday Survey: What color are your dog’s eyes?

That’s right, it’s time for our Saturday Survey! This week’s topic: eyes!

What questions do you want people’s opinions on about dogs? Leave a comment below and we’ll try to ask it on future Saturdays.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: What color are your dog’s eyes?”

  1. Dave – this behavior is not uncommon, based on the number of posts concerning stone-eating on various sites online. From what I was able to find, dogs generally aren’t harmed by eating stones, but it probably indicates that the dog may not be totally relaxed and happy.

    Your friend can try deterring the dog by removing the stones from his yard or muzzling the dog and correcting him when he tries to pick up a stone. Distracting the dog with an acceptable chew toy when he attempts to pick up a stone is a good way to accomplish this.

    However, some experts caution that just stopping the dog from eating stones is not enough. If the underlying problem is not resolved, the dog may just start eating something else. Some suggest that certain minerals may be missing from your friend’s dog’s diet, so a vet check might be in order.

    Also, he should spend some time analyzing what happens both before and after the dog eats stones. Is something upsetting him? Have there been recent changes to the household (new baby, divorce, etc.) that happened before the dog began this behavior?

    Hope this helps! Thanks for writing.

  2. Diane: I checked the breed standard and found the following: “Eye color should be brown in black and yellow Labradors, and brown or hazel in chocolates”. It could be that your friend’s dog’s eyes are a very light hazel, which appear yellow. The breed standard, however, does go on to say that “Black, or yellow eyes give a harsh expression and are undesirable.” It does not say anything about disease, nor could I find anything online stating that eye color would pre-dispose a dog to any particular diseases.

    So, if you and your friend like the look, just relax and enjoy! Thanks for writing.

  3. I have a friend who has a Chocolate Lab with yellow/amber eyes!! It looks really cool but we’re wondering if it means his eyes are more prone to health problems? MY LAB has brown eyes.

  4. I have a friend who has an airdale and he eats stones, Do you have any Idea why he would do this or any idea on how to stop him from doing this

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