Pet Store Puppies

MSNBC reported yesterday that the Humane Society of the United States  has found puppies for sale at Petland stores that were purchased from puppy mills. 


Speaking at a press conference, Michael Markarian, an executive vice president with the Humane Society, described the treatment of dogs at puppy mills.  “They’re treated like a cash crop, where mother dogs live in wire cages, sometimes stacked on top of each other in filthy, dirty, cramped conditions, where they receive little socialization or human interaction or exercise.”


The Humane Society charges that while puppy mills are legal and are regulated by the USDA, Petland should not be telling customers that their puppies are from “good breeders.”  Puppies are routinely sold in pet stores for as much as $3,500 for some purebreds.


According to Chillicothe, Ohio-based retailer,  “Petland stores are independently operated by qualified franchisees. Each is responsible for choosing healthy pets offered to Petland customers. Petland, Inc. provides each Petland store with humane care guidelines to assist in this important task.”




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  1. i almost bought a havanese puppy from what was supposed to be a reputable breeder…turns out the breeder was not what I expected at all…

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