Saturday Survey: Would You Make Your Own Dog Food

I have recently begun the process of switching my dogs to homemade food after reading some of the ingredient labels on commercial dog food.  (See the first part of our series on canine nutrition here.)

My friends are getting a kick out of this because my kids live on pizza and fast food, but I’m worried about what the dogs eat!

So, what do you readers think about homemade dog food?

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Would You Make Your Own Dog Food”

  1. This is a difficult questions, but one I personally have already addressed. There are many poor quality pet foods and many good, high quality pet foods available today – thankfully we have choices! I have discussed home cooked and BARF diets with numerous dog owners. What put me off was the many stories I heard about those who unknowingly and unintentionally made their dogs ill by feeding home cooked or raw diets. There is much research which needs to be done in order to create and feed a healhy, well balanced diet for our dogs at home. I feed Brave Dog, a holistic dog food (made by Laughing Dog), I am extremely pleased with it and my dogs love it.

  2. i think it should be imperative to take regard as to what we feed our animals. i am very particular about what i put in my body and this article brings to my attention the need for the same concern for my dog. With the recent scare of contaminated dog food we should all be careful and think about our furry ones’ health. (FriskyPups is the fastest growing free dog matchmaking site on the web! Find a play date for your dog, arrange dog park meetings, or even find a breeding match for your little furry one.)

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