How Does the Down Economy Effect Your Dog?

The AKC recently ran a poll on its web site asking pet owners what luxury items they were willing to give up to fit dog care items into a shrinking family budget.  Some of the findings:

97% would skip a massage or spa treatment

96% would give up fancy coffee

79% could live without a teeth whitening treatment

70% would NOT give up Internet access (for which we are eternally grateful!)

69% would cut back on holiday gifts for friends before cutting the family dog from the shopping list, and 9% would even buy for their spouse on the cheap in order to do something special for the dog!

And how much do people spend on their dogs during the holidays?  81% buy holiday gifts, with 69% spending less than $50.  In contrast, 3% spend more than $150.

And how can you save money while still providing for your best friend?  The AKC survey respondents say they are looking for coupons and sales on pet products, buying fewer non-essentials like toys and treats, and buying dog food in bulk.

What money-saving ideas do you have?

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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