Has Anyone Tried the iFetch?

iFetchI’m intrigued by the iFetch,but I haven’t bought one yet. My dogs aren’t big chasers / fetchers so I don’t know if I want to spend the money. But it looks like a lot of fun, and a product I would definitely use if I ever open a dog daycare like I want to some day.

They have a couple of different models, but the idea is all the same. The product automatically launches tennis balls for your dog to chase down. Like I said, I can’t even get them to catch tennis balls that I throw, so this is not the product for my dogs, but I think most dogs would love it.

If you’ve tried it, I have a couple of questions for you (this being Saturday, the traditional day for the doggies survey, after all).
1. Did your dogs like it?
2. Did it hold up well?
3. Was it worth the money? (The one I saw on Amazon was $115.)
4. Were you able to train your dogs to bring the balls back and set them on / in the launcher so you didn’t have to get up every two minutes to re-load?
5. Is there a delay between launches or does it shoot all the balls it has within a certain (I’m guessing short) period of time?
6. Did you research other comparable products? Are there other comparable products?

Please comment below – I’d love to know what real users think!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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