Is the recession hitting your dog budget?

A recent post on says pet spending will likely decline this year due to the economic crunch most of us are feeling.  While the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association had originally forecast we’d spend $43.4 billion on our pets this year, that number may prove optimistic as the year winds down.

Ada Nieves, a dog clothing designer and party planner, says “With the economy going the way it is, pet owners may skip out on buying the cute hats and jewelry for their dogs.”  But, she continues,  “You won’t see a drop in sales for items like dog food.”

Nieves hopes pet owners won’t forget that some pets still will need sweaters to protect them from the winter’s cold, as well as other necessary items.  The sales she expects to see drop are those related to luxury products such as sunglasses, shoes, and plush carriers costing up to $600.

What about you, readers – will you cut back on what you get your dog this year?  Send us your thoughts below.

And come back tomorrow for ways you can save money while still giving your dog the best.

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2 thoughts on “Is the recession hitting your dog budget?”

  1. My dog needs sweaters but all of them I buy her she either busts out of (she has a quite Dolly Parton figure) or can get out of surprisingly easily. If anyone has any tips for Boxer-shaped, escape-proof sweaters let me know please!

  2. I have always pampered my dogs beyond their basic needs. I classify food, water, toys, coats, comfy beds, vet visits and a regular grooming as basic needs. However, with the economy crashing I can’t just buy them anything I think is cute and something that is not necessary to their survival. Once we totally bottom out financially, they will get food, water, previously worn coats, necessary “only” vet visits and maybe my grooming at home at no cost. No more, multiple food/water dishes, coats for every occasion, toys and beds. I will need to go back to basics and give them life sustaining essentials. OMG, I feel very nervous about the financial crisis! Bailout! Am I going to be bailed out after they screwed me with a bogus mortgage that put my principal $10,000 more than four years ago when I took out the loan? No, I am not, and to add insult to injury as a tax payer I will have to help pay back the $700 billion they are giving to Wall Street and the Banks that put us in this situation. I guess the “little man” in America get’s no respect. Bush…..go home, hide your head and never appear again in my lifetime.

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