Top Ten Ways to Save Money On Your Dog’s Needs

Yesterday’s post talked about the fix all of us are in as the economy gasps for life.  If you are trying to find ways to cut back, maybe you can consider some of the ideas shown below for reducing expenses related to your favorite pets.

10.  Join pet supply manufacturers’ clubs – go to your favorite items’ manufacturers website and sign up for their newsletter – they often have coupons, free items, and loyalty clubs that can save you money on necessity.

9.  Join pet store clubs – Similar to the above, these clubs reward you for always shopping at the same pet supply store.  You may be able to get lower prices on all sorts of items.  Don’t limit yourself to just the pet stores, either – see if your grocery store, super discount store, or drug store has any good deals on dog-related items.

8.  Check the back of your receipts to see if any have coupons that can be used on dog-related items.  Some stores print the coupons directly on the receipts – others hand you the printed coupons in a separate stack.  Either way – don’t forget to check through them before you pitch them – that’s like throwing away free money if you find one for a product you were going to buy anyways.

7.  Make your own pet food.  Use your favorite search engine to find recipes.  (And make sure you share the good sites with us at!)

6.  Try contacting your local food pantry or shelter to see if anyone has thought to donate pet food.

5.  If you are just in a temporary cash-flow situation, ask your vet or the local shelter if you can have some food, if you promise to pay them back with either new food or volunteer services.

4.  Ask your vet if he can accept payments on your bill.  Most vets want to make sure you are taking care of your animals, and will be willing to work out a payment agreement with you. 

3.  If your vet won’t work something out with you, ask him if he knows of any local organizations that assist with vet bills.  There are several in most major cities.

2.  Contact local shelters and pet advocacy organizations to find out where and when shot clinics and free spay/neuter clinics will be held.

1.  If you are considering adding a new family member, don’t pay retail!!!  Shelter dogs make great family pets, and are oh-so-much cheaper than purebreds purchased from breeders. 

If you have tried all of these options and still can’t make ends meet, please don’t abandon your dog!  Contact local rescue shelters and see if they can take care of your animal and find him a good home.  Some may even be willing to foster your dog until you are back on your feet.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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