Tuesday Top Ten: Ways to Save Money on Dog Care

In this tight economy, we’re all looking for ways to save a little cash.  Here are our top ten tips that can help you toe the line on expenses for your best friend.

10.  Look through the inserts in your Sunday paper to find the stores that have your brand of dog food on sale.

9.  Clip coupons from the newspapers or look online for manufacturers’ coupons.  Make sure you know your store’s policy on doubling or even tripling coupons for maximum savings.

8. Comparison shop for medications.  Your vet may or may not have lower prices on medications than the online pharmacies such as 1-800-Pet-Meds.

7.  Groom your dog at home rather than taking him or her to a fancy salon.

6.  Make home-cooked food and treats.

5.  Walk your dog yourself rather than hiring a walking service or taking the dog to daycare to get exercise.

4.  Try forming a dog-sitting cooperative with your friends so no one has to hire a dog sitter when they’re going to be out of town.

3.  Make your own dog toys.  The bottom part of a pants leg that you have cut off to make shorts makes an excellent tug toy.  You can also take fabric scraps and braid them together to make a tugger.

2.  Learn pet first aid to eliminate those costly vet trips for minor problems that can be cared for at home.

1.  Adopt your next dog from a shelter, where fees are much lower than at most breeders.  If you can’t find your desired purebred at a shelter or rescue, do your research to find a high quality breeder on our sister site, breeders.net.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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