Some Fun Dog Sports

Here’s a few fun sports and activities for dogs, “scootering” is a new one to me.

If you have a really active dog who just can’t seem to get enough exercise, scootering might be something to look into.  It’s sort of a warm-weather equivalent of dog sledding, great if you live in a warmer climate or just aren’t that into snow.  The dogs are harnessed to a two-wheeled scooter, and you ride along pulled behind the dogs.  Check out to learn more.

An older activity similar to scootering is carting, where the dogs pull a human behind them in a wheeled cart, similar to a horse-drawn carriage but much smaller.  This sport is growing in popularity in North America.  It’s probably not as much fun for humans to ride as a scooter, but more practical for running errands.

If your dog loves jumping in the water, dock jumping is a really fun activity for him or her.  If your pooch excels at it and can leap a great distance off the end of the dock, there are even national competitions for dock jumping. A yellow Labrador Retriever named Heidi has a personal best of 25 feet, 2 inches, good enough for the 2008 DockDogs National Championships, being held this month.

Dock jumping dog
Dock jumping fun for dogs

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