Tuesday’s Top Ten: Dog Sports

agility-2We carry a few articles in our doggies den about various sports you can enjoy with your dog, or at least enjoy watching him enjoy them.  Here’s my list of the best damn sports period.

10.  Chasing / retrieving a tennis ball.  The best part is the fake-out throw!

9.  Agility.  An obstacle course to test your dog’s ability to obey commands at a fast pace.

8.  Mushing.  Tests your dog’s strength and drive while providing a useful service to those in snowy climates.

7.  Frisbee.  The quintessential beach game, raised to an art form by those who compete.

6.  Lure coursing.  Watch your dog play the fool chasing after a toy he thinks is an actual rabbit or some other hors d’ouevre.  Only sight hounds are eligible to compete.

5.  Scootering.  Similar to mushing, only the person rides on a non-motorized scooter.

4.  Flyball.  Your dog runs over hurdles, pounces on a springboard to release a tennis ball, catches the ball, and runs back to you over the hurdles.

3.  Dock diving.  Send your dog on a flying leap off the end of a dock to retrieve a toy you’ve thrown.

2. Herding.  Generally, competitions are held with sheep, but if you get the chance to see shepherds try to herd geese or ducks, don’t pass it up – it’s a hoot!

1.  Counter surfing.  Small dogs need not apply.  Only dogs who are tall enough to snatch food off of the kitchen counters can participate, although if you have kids who leave the refrigerator or pantry door open, your smaller dogs may participate in a related sport known as smorgasboard.

What about your dog?  Is he a competitor or, like mine, does he sit on the couch and watch?

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: Dog Sports”

  1. I have a friend who’s dog dives to the bottom of the pool and retrieves objects. Is there a competition for that type of dog diving?

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