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What Are They Feeding You?

Petco logoNo, this post isn’t about smelly cats. (For the Friends fans reading along.)

As a new convert to homemade dog food, I was interested in this new venture by Petco.

As part of their effort to continue to offer pet parents the very best in pet solutions, Petco has partnered with Los Alamitos, CA based JustFoodForDogs to offer fresh, small-batch, human-grade food for dogs in strategic locations across the country. This move comes as a result of listening to the pet parent community and understanding that increasing numbers of pet parents are looking for alternative options when it comes to feeding their furry family members. Continue reading What Are They Feeding You?

Saturday Survey: Where Do You Buy Dog Food?


If you’ve been a long time reader, you know I have toyed with making homemade dog food several times, but can never seem to find the time to stick with it for very long. I have the typical working parent guilt – I know it’s better for the dog if I make it myself, but I have a hard time juggling everything I “should” be doing. Earlier this week, I posted about how happy I am with Chewy.com, a budget conscious and convenient way to get high quality food for the dog even though it is commercially made. What about you?

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Tuesday Top Ten: Homemade Dog Food Ingredients

I was recently asked to discuss homemade dog food for a magazine article, which got me to thinking about the best ingredients to feed your dog.  You’ll note that the top five are protein sources, because that’s what dogs crave and need most.  The rest include sources of the other nutrients important to your dog’s health.  All of these ingredients can be served raw and uncooked.  Your dog’s digestive tract is built to handle raw food without risk of diseases like e.coli or botulism.

Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: Homemade Dog Food Ingredients