What Are They Feeding You?

Petco logoNo, this post isn’t about smelly cats. (For the Friends fans reading along.)

As a new convert to homemade dog food, I was interested in this new venture by Petco.

As part of their effort to continue to offer pet parents the very best in pet solutions, Petco has partnered with Los Alamitos, CA based JustFoodForDogs to offer fresh, small-batch, human-grade food for dogs in strategic locations across the country. This move comes as a result of listening to the pet parent community and understanding that increasing numbers of pet parents are looking for alternative options when it comes to feeding their furry family members.

“JustFoodForDogs has proven itself to be a leader in the industry and we couldn’t be more excited to finally be able to offer pet parents such an exceptionally high-quality, truly unique, nutritionally balanced feeding option for pets,” said Petco executive vice president and chief merchant Rebecca Frechette. “We’re thrilled to partner with JustFoodForDogs who share our belief and unwavering commitment to quality and the love of pets.”

Established in 2010, JustFoodForDogs emerged as a “disrupter” in the industry when it debuted its high-quality brand of product. Serial entrepreneur Shawn Buckley founded the company with the idea of developing an alternative to commercial brand dog food commonly found at retail stores. He enlisted a team of veterinarians who created the product then opened locations throughout southern California. “We are delighted to partner with Petco, the most prominent retailer of pet products and services in the world,” Buckley said.

JustFoodForDogs pioneered the pet retail industry by creating a sustainable brand of food, made fresh daily before its customers at JustFoodForDogs exhibition kitchens throughout Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

In select locations across the country, Petco customers will experience JustFoodForDogs in full exhibition kitchens, or stores within stores that will be supplied with fresh product daily and staffed by JustFoodForDog personnel. “As the inventor of the most radical change in pet food in decades, JustFoodForDogs is at the forefront of a new trend that is rapidly changing the industry,” said Frechette. “We extensively researched the fresh, human-grade pet food market and believe that we have found the partner who shares our belief and passion for offering the very best for pet parents and their pets.”

As the leader in the pet retail world, this strategic move is the latest in Petco’s mission to not only provide pet parents with the very best in all categories but to also lead the industry in pioneering first of its kind, innovative in-store offerings. Through partnerships with established, proven brands such as JustFoodForDogs and development of their owned brands and product offerings, Petco continues to delight consumers with its breadth of offerings in both products and services.

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