Pet Food Settlement

Did any of your animals get sick from food tainted with melamine last year?  If so, you may be due a piece of the settlement filed late Thursday in US District Court in Camden, NJ.

Russell Paul, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, states, “The settlement attempts to reimburse pet owners for all of their economic damages.”  The $24 million settlement, yet to be approved by the court, would provide reimbursement to people who had expenses directly from the illness or death of a pet linked to the recalled food. 

Menu Foods Income Fund makes dog and cat food under about 90 different brand names.  They announced April 1st that they would be making a settlement offer after the biggest-ever US pet food recall.  Four other companies also recalled their foods. 

The recall resulted from the use of wheat gluten imported from China that was contaminated with melamine, a chemical used in plastic manufacturing.  No one knows exactly how many pets were made ill, but 300 people and 30 companies banded together to sue the pet food industry.  No word on what to do if you experienced a loss and were not part of the group that sued.


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2 thoughts on “Pet Food Settlement”

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  2. I have already submitted a complaint on consumer affirs web site but really want the word to get out about issues with Nutro Dog food. After buying the last bag of Nutro all 8 of my Poms stared throwing up, loss of hair, snappy and know both my bitches that were expecting one 31 days the other40 days are not having puppies any more. All the issues were some what gradual and had me baffeled for he two weeks I was sifting through all the issues that had shown up. It was only because another friend who also breeds brought up some of what she was seeing with hers. We started doing some research only to find hundred of other dog owners having the same issues that we switched foods ASAP

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