Tuesday Top Ten: Homemade Dog Food Ingredients

I was recently asked to discuss homemade dog food for a magazine article, which got me to thinking about the best ingredients to feed your dog.  You’ll note that the top five are protein sources, because that’s what dogs crave and need most.  The rest include sources of the other nutrients important to your dog’s health.  All of these ingredients can be served raw and uncooked.  Your dog’s digestive tract is built to handle raw food without risk of diseases like e.coli or botulism.

10.  Canned pumpkin

9.  Bananas

8.  Yogurt or cottage cheese

7.  Oatmeal or rice

6.  Bones from the butcher

5.  Canned salmon

4.  Sardines

3.  Whole eggs (including the shell)

2.  Ground beef

1.  Liver or other organ meats

It doesn’t matter which ingredients you mix together – your dog’s palate isn’t that refined.  Just make sure you go heavy on the protein and throw a few of the other things in to provide a balanced diet.  Your dog will appreciate your efforts!

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Good day, and good dog!

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