Wednesday’s Wild, Wacky World of Dog News

First the wacky news: From the Associated Press: Sales Manager Jeff Colucy of Columbus, Ohio got quite a shock when he took his dog outside for a morning constitutional Wednesday morning. Colucy is one of those fortunate people who gets to bring his dog to work at Buckeye Caseworks.

His dog, a Weimaraner he takes bird hunting, went on point next to a puddle in the parking lot. When Colucy went to investigate, he found…(drum roll please)…a 4-foot alligator!

Here’s a video of the captured gator, which was apparently caught barehanded when the only reptile capture person they could locate was on his way to vacation.

Now, for a sad news item out of the Cleveland suburb of New Russia Township.

A man was apparently mauled to death by his 9 large dogs. All were mixed breeds and inflicted hundreds of bite wounds, causing the 30-year old man to bleed to death in his driveway. Two of the dogs were shot by police officers at the scene. The other seven had to be euthanized. No cause has been found for the dogs to attack, as they were all reportedly in good condition and knew the victim well.

The vet who performed the euthanasia procedures speculates that the attack may have been as a result of the dogs’ pack mentality, if the dogs sensed a weakness in the victim. The article in the Morning Journal includes a video interview with the Lorain County Sheriff and Coroner at the scene.

Soooooo sad.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Wednesday’s Wild, Wacky World of Dog News”

  1. I remember going to a farm years ago and being overrun by dogs. They easily dragged me to the floor and that was when they were being friendly. I can only imagine what it was like for that poor man that has been killed. I am surprised he wasn’t torn to pieces, have you ever seen the animal humane videos showing what happens at the end of a fox hunt. Seriously disturbing.


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